Gab Over the Fence by Pete G. Ossip

After a really tough election campaign, we will have a new president come January 20. Nobody much gave Donald Trump a chance, but he pulled it off.  Now let’s hope our people will come together and support our country. One gal said the weather was great on Tuesday, but it rained on Wednesday, believing God was crying. . . . I could’ve sworn that the super moon we had on Sunday and Monday nights had a smile on the Old Man in the Moon’s face. Maybe we’re in for some good times. . . .Veterans Day was a quiet celebration over the weekend in the Bath area. Marcia Hahn did her part out in Harrisburg, and Mayor Fi had folks in Bath turn on green lights to honor all veterans. They deserve all the honors they get for the sacrifices they and their families go through.  I salute every one of them!! The Bath Legion post had a special treat for them, like they do every Veterans Day. . . .I see Bath Council is debating whether or not to make the Thirst Quenchers into a municipal building. Seems to me that it would cost a lot to renovate into offices, but maybe they can do it cheaper with their own workers. A while back they were talking about renovating or fixing up what they have now in the old Bath Public School or constructing a new building.  Reckon it will take a lot of head scratching before they decide on any move, one way or the other. I like the museum where it is. But that’s one person’s opinion. . . .Those Philadelphia Eagles put everything together and beat the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday.  It was something most fans didn’t think would happen, but they played like a team with a strong running game.  Like that Carson Wentz a lot, too. He does a great job for a rookie! If only he had some better receivers. Now it’s on to Seattle and Green Bay, no slouches those two either. . . . Fire company auxiliaries have been  busy making stuffing for turkeys to save Mom a little time when she makes her Thanksgiving meal next Thursday.  Stuffing is a Pa. Dutch treat, I think, and one most folks enjoy. . . .I see the theater people at Northampton High School are putting on the play, “It’s A Wonderful Life,” this Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.  That movie has been one of my favorites over the years as Jimmy Stewart had a savings company that lost money by mistake and an angel from Heaven came down to save the day for everybody. Oughta be fun watching the local version. . . . If I don’t think of it next week, I’ll say it now: Have a wonderful family Thanksgiving Day everybody!! And may Northampton’s Konkrete Kids beat those Catty Rough Riders.


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