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Lamont McClure, Gracedale Administrator Jennifer Stewart-King and Director of Nursing Dawn Tuersfeldman thank Lieutenant Colonel Darren McAuley, Captain Joseph McLaughlin and their National Guard troops for their assistance at Gracedale Nursing Home. They also extend their thanks to Michael Whalen from the Hospital & Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania for his help with coordinating the deployment.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for our residents and our staff,” says Jennifer Stewart-King. “We are very grateful for the aid and support the National Guard was able to provide us over the last two weeks.”

“Obviously, if you can avoid being in a nursing home during this trying time you should. But, if you absolutely can’t, Gracedale is the best place for you to be. We recently hired an additional 12 nursing aides including, possibly, one aide who came to Gracedale on a deployment with the Guard and doesn’t want to leave,” Lamont McClure said.

Thirty-four members of the National Guard were deployed at Gracedale from April 27 – May 10. The team included 20 medics working as CNAs and eight licensed nurses.


  1. Please make sure your facts are straight before posting a story! I am a mother of a National Guard Soldier and by the 2nd day, THEY WERE PRIMARILY THE ONES WORKING WITH THE COVID PATIENTS!!!


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