The Moore Township Board of Supervisors met virtually for their monthly meeting on Monday, June 1, discussing open space preservation, the Emergency Operations Plan and extending their Disaster Declaration.

The Board of Supervisors approved the purchase price for the easement of the Coberly property and the Fogel property, both part of the Open Space land preservation program.

The board also voted to approve the appraisal of Whitetail Deer property easement and Gum Property easement and to enter into an agreement of sale.

Township Solicitor David Backenstoe discussed some plans the Zoning Hearing Board has in regard to nonconformities.

“The Zoning Hearing Board has taken a look at our zoning ordinance with regard to nonconformities, the establishment of nonconformities, expansion of nonconformities because they felt they had a number of cases where the ordinance was drafted was a little less clear,” said Backenstoe. “The township has been consistent in enforcing it, Jason has always been consistent and always explained it to people. But they thought that perhaps a redraft of certain portions of it would be helpful. Their solicitor did prepare a draft, which I saw and it’s pretty good. I think it’s helpful; I think it does clarify. You don’t have that in front of you because they are waiting until their next Zoning Hearing Board meeting where they will formally ask you to consider it.”

Resolution 2020-09, the Emergency Operations Plan, was last updated in 2013, so a new plan was prepared and the Board of Supervisors passed the updated document unanimously. Also the Disaster Declaration was set to expire in June. But because the township is still in the yellow phase, they voted to extend the Disaster Declaration to July 7.

Now that the township is in the yellow phase, the basketball courts, tennis courts and playgrounds are open for use. In-person meetings can now be done at the township building, visitors are to report to the police secretary and should be wearing masks but they will be back to normal hours.

The next township Board of Supervisors meeting will be at 7 p.m. on July 7.


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