Moore Township Board of Supervisors met at 7 p.m. on September 1 at the Moore Township Recreation Center where they discussed numerous items including a new roof for a historical building, a property owner blocking Trapper Road, as well as Trick or Treating.

The historical society discussed at their meeting the need to put a new roof on the Edelman Schoolhouse.

“We need to put a new roof on the school,” Richard Gable, township Board of Supervisor, said. “The slates are so thin that it is leaking now. To replace the slate roof with another slate roof would cost $30,000. To replace it with a shingled roof, it would cost roughly $7,000. To replace it with a metal roof would also cost about $7,000. We decided to bring it to you guys that we would like to put a shingle roof on it. If we do it ourselves, we are looking at under $3,000. So we are in the process of getting volunteers to do the roof. I already have three volunteers to go up top and we have people to go on the ground. Randy Silfies will help supervise to tell us what to do.”

Vice Chairman David Shaffer asked why not go with a metal roof since it would presumably last for life and cost the same as a shingle roof.

Gable explained that the rubber washers that are used on the screws to hold the metal roof in place will deteriorate overtime, causing leaks. Then you have to get back up on the roof, replace all the rubber washers and take all the screws out.

The Board of Supervisors voted 3-0 to move forward with shingling Edelman Schoolhouse.

Township Engineer Kevin Horvath discussed an issue with Trapper Road. 

“This issue was brought to the township’s attention because one of the homeowners that access their property from Allen Drive placed some obstructions across what was the cartway of Trapper Road,” Horvath said. 

The Board of Supervisors voted 3-0 to send a letter to the property owner that is blocking Trapper Road to remove the obstruction.

The Board of Supervisors set the date and time of Trick or Treating from 6 to 8 p.m. on October 31.

The next Board of Supervisors meeting will be at 7 p.m. on October 6.


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