During their meeting on April 22, the Allen Township Board of Supervisors granted conditional preliminary plan approval for Jaindl Land Development’s Sunny Slope Farm subdivision. Developers are proposing 76 single-family homes on the 130-acre property at Dogwood Road and Hanover Street. 

Howard Kutzler, Jaindl’s land development manager, thanked supervisors for their approval.  

“[We are] hopefully getting a nice residential community in East Allen soon,” he said. 

Before granting approval, supervisors reviewed several waivers requested by developers. Most of the waivers were in regards to the four infiltration basins on the property, including depth, lining, and fencing. Township engineer James Milot said these are standard waivers usually granted in other municipalities. 

The homeowners association will maintain these basins, stormwater facilities, and other open spaces. The basins will not hold permanent bodies of water but instead will hold stormwater for a day or two before draining.

Other waivers supervisors granted included a sidewalk requirement. The roadway will be 30-feet-wide with curbing, maintenance of which will fall to the homeowners. Supervisors agreed to waive sidewalks because they will present conflict with utility companies. Had supervisors required sidewalks, homeowners also would have had to  maintain them.

Supervisor Mark Schwartz said he was comfortable waiving the sidewalks in the development as long as roads are curbed and all stormwater requirements are met. 

The East Allen Township Planning Commission recommended that the Board of Supervisors grant these various waivers, which they did. The Planning Commission also recommended the development for preliminary approval.  

The next East Allen Township Board of Supervisors meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 12 at 7 p.m.


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