The Moore Township Planning Commission met Monday evening at the Klecknersville Rangers Volunteer Fire Company. Among the discussions were the land development for Muschlitz Excavation, a lot line adjustment for Ronald White’s property, a minor subdivision for Samuel Firmstone’s property, and the land development at Water’s Edge at Wind Gap and the Southmoore Business Center.

Commission members David Frey and Max Bauer passed an extension of time until July 31, 2022 for the Muschlitz Excavating warehouse land development plan from January.

Nico DelSerro’s major subdivision plan was also not heard at the meeting, and an extension of time was granted until July 8, 2022 by township planners Michael Wallery and Judith Rodwin.

The next order of business was Ronald White’s lot line adjustment. White proposed combining lots 1B and 1A with lot 2, to create one single lot. Commission members were assured that this lot line adjustment would not involve any construction or building at this time. 

On White’s property, a subdivision was planned and action was taken in 1987 to incorporate a cul de sac in section 1A. At the time, permits were issued and the construction was done, but the plan was never recorded. Additionally, the proposed public road was never constructed. 

Then, in 2013, a transfer took place between White and his parents regarding the subdivided lots. At that time, Moore Township became involved, and White tried to get the plan recorded.

The preexisting lot, which is a nonconforming lot to today’s zoning standards, was approved and created legally in 1987 under the former subdivision laws, relinquishing the rights of the public road to White.

When the township approved the subdivision in 1987, it included a proposed “paper street,” but did not require one. Therefore, a road was never put in. 

Township Solicitor David Backenstoe clarified the issue, stating, “You’re conveying land from lot 1 to lot 2, which is going to allow lot 2 to have frontage on a public road, which of course improves the situation for everyone.”

A Keystone letter dated March 21, 2022 outlined further conditions for White, and the motion for conditional approval was made by Judith Rodwin and Michael Wallery.

Next on the agenda, Samuel Firmstone addressed the Planning Commission with a minor subdivision of his land. Firmstone proposed subdividing his 12-acre lot to separate a one-acre lot of land.

A topographic map of Firmstone’s land was presented, and commission members requested an extended view of the 100 feet surrounding the proposed lot, with a contour view. Commission members also requested that Firmstone submit a waiver for multiple sections outlined in items 2, 5, 6, 8, 9, 14 of the letter from Keystone, while waiting on soil samples from around the lot.

A motion to grant an extension of time for the subdivision through August 31, 2022 was granted by commissioners David Frey and Judith Rodwin.

Lastly, Water’s Edge at Wind Gap and the Southmoore Business Center addressed the Planning Commission to reintroduce a land development plan from summer, which has been significantly revised since then. 

Attorney Robert Lewis stated they were taking this time “to try to get some feedback from the planning commission” because of some underlying fundamental issues they need to resolve before they can move the plan forward.

Lewis identified there is a conflict with ordinance G-14 regulations and zoning ordinances with the preservation of natural resources and preservation of woodlands provisions. 

Lewis expressed, “We cannot comply with both.”

Lewis requested the company’s ability to modify the standards for the preservation of natural resources by protecting existing vegetation as much as they can, but also modifying it with berm.

A tree survey was proposed so any trees that need to be replaced will be, but Stephen Walsh of Dynamic Engineering stated they don’t plan to cut down all woodland on the land. 

Township Planner Judith Rodwin stated the vegetation that’s there needs to be kept up with and proposed something in writing that mandates the company adhere to conditions. Additionally, growth potential is needed for the proposed berm condition.

Chairman John Becker and Zoning Officer Jason Harhart told the representatives of Water’s Edge at Wind Gap and Southmoore Business Center that they will need to bring this to the Zoning Board, and that they are unable to weigh in on this subject at this time. 

Lewis also presented a conflict of ordinances dealing with steep slopes, stating that there is an inconsistency between Subdivision and Land Ordinance (SALDO) and zoning ordinance, largely due to the site containing “entirely man-made steep slopes.” 

Lewis stated that they were looking for consistency in commissions regarding slopes, but commissioners stated that this was also something that was “not for the planning commission to answer” due to it being a zoning issue. 

Lewis explained that the ordinance requested they preserve the previous slopes prior to the man-made slopes. Becker insisted they find topographic maps of the land prior to the man-made slopes, which he stated would be recorded and not hard to obtain.

Becker stated that they would need to also ask for a zoning ordinance, and once they have that, then the SALDO ordinance can be addressed.

Next, Lewis brought up the G-14 warehouse regulations and general parking and loading requirements. Lewis pointed out that one demonstrates regulations high on parking, low on loading regulations, and one demonstrates the opposite. 

Lewis stated, “We’re trying to get feedback regarding what condition you would prefer to see.”

However, township planner Judith Rodwin said it’s not appropriate to address the planning commission before zoning, and that they should speak with zoning first.

The next item that Water’s Edge presented was the classification of Jones Road on the rear end of the property and realigning the road so that it comes out to a 90-degree angle for tractor trailers.

Walsh identified there are existing vertical issues where the end of the road gets steep, so he believes it would not make sense to only correct the road to provide a 55-degree right-of-way.

Industrial uses for the road were questioned by commission members due to the western side of the property and rear of building 2 being residential properties. The road does not currently serve as a collector road.

Township Engineer Kevin Horvath expressed a hybrid approach to the road rating would be best and could be done with certain restrictions on part of the road for the non-residential portion. 

Additionally, sidewalks on the property, storm and curved sewers, and swales were mentioned, with no final outcome being clear. 

Finally, Walsh addressed that a new road would be created for tractor trailers entering and leaving property with a 36-foot single lane going in and out of the site. However, he did say an emergency access road would be built behind the building, but that it will be blocked off.

When questions were opened up to the audience, township resident Nate Faust asked if the emergency road could be converted to an actual road. Becker replied that it could potentially in the future if needed, but for now, the road would be gated off and would not allow public traffic.

A motion was passed for the Water’s Edge at Wind Gap and Southmoore Business Center land development plan to be granted an extension of time until July 30, 2022 by Vice Chairman Richard Gable and Commissioner David Frey.

The next Moore Township Planning Commission meeting will be Monday April 25 at 7 p.m. in the Moore Township Municipal Building, located at 2491 Community Dr.


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