Lamont McClure and the administrators of Gracedale Nursing Home are requesting County Council approve adding a daycare facility to the campus which will provide a financial incentive to attract CNAs, LPNs, RNs and other support staff.

“It’s difficult for every industry to hang onto workers right now, but especially so for those working in healthcare,” says Lamont McClure. “An on-site daycare center will help us recruit and keep new staff at Gracedale, providing benefits for both our employees and our residents.”

Lamont McClure is asking County Council to approve using $2 million of the American Recovery Act funds to construct and operate a daycare facility on Gracedale’s grounds, providing care for the children of employees during their work shifts. The facility would be administered by a private contractor.

An on-site daycare would also offer the opportunity of intergenerational programming, giving the children an opportunity to interact with Gracedale residents.

“These types of programs teach kids to be comfortable around older people and help seniors fight off loneliness by giving them an opportunity to interact with the next generation,” says DHS Director Susan Wandalowski. “Bringing a daycare center to Gracedale offers opportunities which would benefit employees, their children and the residents.”


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