During the East Allen Township Board of Supervisors meeting on Wednesday, April 12, supervisors met with Public Works Director Gary Mathesz to discuss upcoming road improvement projects. 

Mathesz identified several township roads that need repairs this year, including Miller Drive, Franks Drive, Richard Lane, Portland Drive, and Seiple Lane. Supervisors approved repairs of these five roads for $347,000, not including materials. Funding for these projects will come from the township’s capital funds and liquid fuels budget of $400,000. Repairs will not include seal coating, which will be done using 2024’s budget. 

Mathesz also requested that the township write a letter to the City of Bethlehem’s water authority and ask that several township roads be added to the list for water line replacement: Towanda Drive, Oswego Drive, and Allegheny Lane. Oswego Drive alone has had 12 water line breaks. Mathesz said public works cannot repair these roads until the old water line is replaced to prevent costly repairs and patches on new roads. Supervisors unanimously agreed to this request and instructed Township Manager Brent Green to send a letter to the city. 

In other news, the board granted conditional final plan approval for the Cowitch Minor Subdivision at 5221 Nor-Bath Blvd. The two-lot subdivision would include an existing home and a new home, which would share a driveway for a short distance. This approval, recommended by the township’s planning commission, also included deferrals for curbing, sidewalks and lighting at the front of the property. 

Supervisors also discussed the modification of a culvert design for the Sunny Slope Crossings Major Subdivision, adjacent to Bicentennial Park. Nicole Galio, director of engineering and design with Jaindl Land Company, and Tom Dredge of Langan Engineering presented the plan. 

The proposed subdivision would have 76 single-family lots, 24 acres of open space, and four retention basins owned and retained by the development’s homeowners association. The planning commission recommended this plan for final approval in the summer of 2022.

The development’s original plan calls for a 49-foot metal culvert across a flood plain, which the township would be responsible for maintaining. However, during the April 12 meeting, Galio and Dredge proposed a new culvert design using multiple plastic pipes. They said this change would prevent clogging and corrosion at a much lower cost. Galio explained that 75 years of maintenance on the metal culvert could cost between $7.7 million and $9 million. Meanwhile, the plastic pipe design would cost $2.8 million. 

Township Engineer James Milot said metal culverts are traditionally used because they support excess flows and minimize clogging. Supervisors told Galio and Dredge they have no wish to change the plan to include the plastic pipes. 

Finally, supervisors discussed several parks and recreation improvements. Supervisors approved the replacement of fencing at the Bicentennial Park West Basketball Court for $5,735 from Tri-Boro Fencing. They also discussed the replacement of Pavilion C at Bicentennial Park, which was initially planned to be built by an Eagle Scout. However, due to Boy Scout safety regulations, an Eagle Scout is not eligible to complete the project. As a result, the township is considering using local contractors. This delay means the pavilion will not be ready for this summer camp season. Finally, the board discussed future repairs to Jacksonville Park. Grants have been applied for, but none have been awarded to help cover the project’s costs, which are estimated to be about $1.5 million. Other funding opportunities are still being explored. 

The next East Allen Township Board of Supervisors meeting will be on April 27 at 7 p.m. 


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