The Allen Township Parks and Recreation Board has officially announced its first event. A movie screening will be held at Kriedersville Covered Bridge Park later this summer. This community activity marks the board’s first event since it reconvened earlier this year. 

“I think it is a good thing,” Supervisor Paul Link said of the event during the June 13 Board of Supervisors meeting. “I think we should start doing [more] stuff like this for the residents.”

The event will cost the township about $1,000 for the projector and film license. Funds are available in the budget. While no movie title has been announced, supervisors expect a good turnout for the family-friendly event.

“This is probably the first thing the Parks Committee has done in 30 years since it disbanded,” Link, also a member of the Parks and Recreation Board, continued. “[This is] a good way to start.”

Supervisors unanimously approved the event. Residents can find more information about the event later this summer. The township plans to post an announcement online and on township bulletin boards. 

In other news, engineer Andrea Martin reviewed her findings from a recent manhole inspection. Manholes in North Hills, Cherryville Heights, and Drexel Heights were reviewed for wear and tear. 

“Generally, the manholes are in decent shape,” Martin told supervisors. However, nine manholes in the Cherryville Heights and North Hills sections could use some maintenance. 

This area of the township, Martin says, is the oldest part of the sewer system. Martin recommends new chimney lining due to years of wear and tear. While the issues are not “dramatic,” Martin said the township should consider repairs.

“These issues do not resolve themselves,” she told supervisors. “They only get worse over time.”

Another issue found during the investigation concerns a manhole along the Dry Run Creek, near Eighth Street in the Borough of Northampton. This area is a significant drainage basin for the southern part of the township. However, the manhole, along an embankment, is blocked and could potentially collapse into the creek. Martin recommended immediate action. 

Supervisors agreed and asked Martin to prepare a bid for the project. Martin will also communicate with Northampton Borough, who owns nearby land. 

Finally, Township Manager Ilene Eckhart announced that the Howertown Road Bridge replacement project has not started due to a design conflict. PennDOT and the project’s contractor are working on a resolution. 

Construction was supposed to start in late 2022. However, work was pushed back to June 2023. 

The next Board of Supervisors meeting will be Tuesday, June 27 at 6 p.m.


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