The Nazareth Borough Council met Monday, August 7 with a lengthy agenda.

First, council approved a resolution to honor Nazareth’s first National Football League player, Jahan Dotson, who is a wide receiver for the Washington Commanders, and declares Sunday, August 27 as Jahan Dotson Day in the borough.

During the meeting, council also approved the following resolutions: submission of a 2023 Northampton and Lehigh Counties LSA Gaming Grant seeking $165,000 in funding for new ADA compliant restrooms in Kim Kromer Park; the Memorial Library of Nazareth and Vicinity’s submission of a 2023 Keystone Library Grant proposal for funding for a new boiler/furnace heating unit; Nazareth Borough’s municipal endorsement of a 2023 Northampton County Public Safety Grant seeking $225,000 in funding for the purchase of a new ambulance with a Stryker Power Loading System; Nazareth Borough’s municipal endorsement and sponsorship of a 2023 Monroe County LSA Gaming Grant authored and sought by Nazareth Regional Ambulance Corps for funding for a new Ford T350 transport van; the borough’s submission of a 2023 Monroe County LSA Gaming Grant seeking $50,000 in funding for a new Ford Interceptor SUV police vehicle; and the borough’s submission of a 2023 Northampton County Public Safety Grant seeking funding for a forced door entry system and purchase of tables and chairs for fire training at the firehouse.

Under public property, council approved several motions including the following: placement of “Scarecrows in the Circle” by the Girl Scouts of Nazareth Area beginning on September 15; for the Nazareth Area Youth Baseball to use the main baseball field in the park for fall baseball from August 19 through November 1; half-price pool passes to go on sale on August 1 for pool admission until seasonal closing on Labor Day; reimbursement to the Memorial Library of Nazareth and Vicinity for recent work done on two chimneys on their premises from Alan Kunsman Roofing and Repairs costing $22,690; and the low bid of Livengood Excavators Inc. in the amount of $165,715 for reconstruction of the basketball courts in the park.

Council also approved the purchase of a sign for the new playground at Council Chambers from the Nazareth Sign Company and its installment at a cost not to exceed $5,000. Once the sign is completed, there will be a formal dedication ceremony for the playground in September at Council Chambers. 

Under finance, council approved an invoice from the Memorial Library of Nazareth and Vicinity for the yearly insurance charges for their facility in the amount of $5,997.99, the recommendation of the Finance Committee and approval for the new borough investment policy that satisfies the requirements of the borough’s 2022 municipal audit, a requirement that Nazareth Borough Council must formally approve all PLGIT investments of borough funds by council motion before being invested, and the deposit of $1,134,937.89 from the borough’s cash reserves in a 90-day PLGIT Term investment at a return rate of 5.56% with the maturity of the investment being $1,150,670.31 on November 3.

Under police, council approved use of the park on Saturday, October 28 from 8 a.m. to noon for the Cars and Coffee event, the proposed crossing guard bonus program offering longevity bonuses ($250 for guards that have worked 25 years or more, $200 for guards that have worked 15 years or more, $150 for guards that have worked 10 years or more, $100 for guards working five years or more and $100 for guards who have continued employment for four years), as well as a crossing guard sign-on bonus incentive of $250 for newly hired guards that work over five shifts or are available/respond at least 10 more times a year, and the Crossing Guard Advertising and Banner Program allowing for the purchase of signs offering employment and bonuses to new crossing guard hires.

Mayor Lance Colondo provided the police report for the month of July. There were 341 total incidents for the month with 35 crimes reported and investigated, 18 criminal arrests, four drug-related crimes, six Part 1 offenses, 66 traffic citations issued, 71 warnings issued, five reportable traffic accidents and seven non-reportable traffic accidents. Parking Enforcement had 263 parking enforcement officer violations issued, 45 officer-issued violations and 308 total parking tickets issued for the month. The police department also reported 36 hours of court time, 165 hours of training and 160 hours of FTO training. Additionally, fees collected for the month including fines, permits, receipts, tickets, rentals and requests totaled $15,532.16.

Under fire, council approved a donation of $250 to the Nazareth Special Fire Police for their assistance with traffic control on Nazareth Day 2023 and for trick or treat night in the borough to be held on Tuesday, October 31 from 6 to 8 p.m.

Under law, council approved an ordinance amending Chapter 15: Motor Vehicles that limits continuous parking in the same location for over 72 hours, the advertisement for changes to the Parking Ordinance for vehicular parking on the west side of South Main Street in the area of the borough municipal offices, and for new fees to be charged under the police department’s new policy for providing records to crime victims in response to the passage of Act 134.

Last, under public works, the council approved the low bid of $75,802.50 from Gaver Industries doing business as Barker and Barker for the paving of the second portion of Victory Lane and to compose and distribute surveys to residents along the Route 191 corridor of South Broad Street, East Center Street and North New Street seeking opinions and suggestions about the traffic conditions of the route and also encouraging residents to write to PennDOT seeking resolution to the heightened truck and general vehicular use of that highway.

Nazareth Borough Council will have a workshop meeting on Thursday, August 31 at 6 p.m. and the next regular monthly meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 5 at 6 p.m. 


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