During their August 9 meeting, the East Allen Township Board of Supervisors granted Conditional Preliminary/Final Plan Approval to the Compass Business Park East development proposed along Snowdrift Road, Airport Road and Colony Drive. There was not a full board present. Supervisors Mark Schwartz and Roger Unangst were absent. However, there remained a quorum with three supervisors. 

This development will consist of 30 units across six buildings and will include a mix of office space and storage/garage space for various contractors like painters, plumbers, etc. These  “discrete” and “convenient” office and storage spaces will allow contractors to run their businesses and store supplies. The developer owns a similar property in Upper Macungie Township.

The township’s planning commission recommended approval. Nineteen conditions were imposed, along with several waivers and deferrals. Deferrals include sidewalks and curbing. The developer said sidewalks will line most of Snowdrift Road; but remaining sidewalks have been deferred. The developer will also be responsible for widening roads adjacent to the development. 

The site will use public water, hold an on-lot septic system, and stormwater will tie into the existing manhole at Colony Drive and Snowdrift Road. Hanover Engineering confirmed that the development’s stormwater plan is consistent with the township’s Act 537 Plan. 

The developer consented to all proposed conditions. 

Township Engineer James Milot said a nearby self-storage project has also been proposed in the area. As a result, his team has been working with developers of both properties to coordinate conditions and ensure consistency. 

In other news, supervisors discussed potentially bringing back “clean-up days” due to dumping and littering at township parks. These past clean-up days allowed residents to bring unwanted bulk items to a designated township location. The township would dispose of the items on behalf of residents. 

Due to a lack of interest, this annual event was canceled. However, some supervisors believe it may be worth bringing back. Supervisor Don Heiney said he would be willing to approach FRCA and see whether the township could borrow a dumpster for such an event and then pay a fee for hauling it to an FRCA landfill partner. 

Finally, supervisors tabled approval of the River Central Comprehensive Plan until their meeting on August 24 due to the absence of Schwartz and Unangst. Solicitor Joseph Piperato said the township met all legal requirements to approve the plan if they chose to do so; however, Heiney said the plan was “too big of an issue” to move forward without a full board. 

The plan can be reviewed at http://planrivercentral.org/.

The next Board of Supervisors meeting will be on Thursday, August 24 at 7 p.m.


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