Truck traffic on East Bullshead Road has long been a headache for township supervisors, staff and residents. Despite the road being closed to tractor trailers, trucks from nearby warehouses continue to use it as a shortcut. With nowhere to turn around once on the road, this results in the oversized vehicles getting stuck beneath a low trestle, leading to traffic delays and roadblocks for residents.

Several months ago, supervisors asked township engineers to review possible barriers that would physically prevent truck traffic more effectively than a simple sign.

During their October 10 meeting, engineer Stan Wojciechowski presented a plan for a road median that would prevent truck turns coming from the north or south on Willowbrook Road.

The island median at the intersection of Willowbrook and East Bullshead would feature concrete 8 to 12 inches high and flexible delineators. 

“They tend to make people feel like they’re cramped and can’t make that turn,” Wojciechowski said of the delineators. 

Finally, a “No Truck” sign would be added to the middle of the median.

The width of the turn will still allow emergency vehicles like fire trucks to enter East Bullshead. However, tractor trailers and tandem trucks would not be able to make the turn “easily.”

“If we could get [trucks getting stuck] from once a week to once a quarter, I think we would all be very happy,” continued Wojciechowski.

The road improvement would cost roughly $50,000 to construct.

Supervisors were largely in favor of the median; however, they would like the opinions of East Bullshead property owners. The township will be sending letters to those residents for feedback.

“I think this is the best item we’ve come up with so far to help suppress [truck traffic],” said Supervisor Jason Frack.

In other news, on October 24, Millrace Road will be closed at Indian Trail Road due to continued work on the PennDOT-owned bridge.

Finally, the 2024 budget is ready for public inspection. It is scheduled for final approval during the November 14 meeting. Under the new budget, the millage rate will remain the same at 5 mils.

The next Board of Supervisors meeting will be Tuesday, October 24 at 6 p.m.


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