During the Nazareth Borough Council meeting on Monday, June 3, council approved resolutions honoring two individuals that provided over 40 years of service each to the borough.

The first resolution honored retired Public Works Department employee Robert Stoudt for an exemplary 43 years of service to the borough, as well as his volunteer service to the Nazareth Ambulance Corps and two terms with the Nazareth Borough Municipal Authority.

Stoudt was hired on May 23, 1980 as a Public Works Department employee and officially retired Jan. 19, 2024, having served the borough in a variety of roles.

Council thanked and commended Stoudt for his time as a borough employee after having performed street sweeping, repairs and upgrades to borough buildings, facilities and vehicles, in addition to improvements to the park and pool throughout his 43 years as a Public Works Department employee.

The second resolution honored retiring Memorial Library of Nazareth and Vicinity employee, Catherine Stewart, for her 44 years of devoted service to the library.

Since 1980, Stewart has been part of every library initiative, particularly those involving children in summer reading programs. She has also been the welcoming and caring library fixture that assisted community members with all of their library needs throughout the years. 

Council thanked Stewart for her invaluable role in the community and for her improvements to both the library and the community over the 44 years she has worked there.

In other news, council approved three public property motions including: the purchase of a new compressor for the filter room at the pool at a cost not to exceed $6,000; the request of the Holy Family Sick & Relief Society for the closure of Phoenix Street between Locker Street and West Mauch Chunk Street from 4 to 10 p.m. Thursdays through Sundays; and the 2024 lease with the Nazareth Blue Swim Team for three evening swim meetings requiring pool closure to the public for the agreed amount of $4,500, as well as all revenues gathered being split evenly with the borough and the swim team.

Under finance, council approved the renewal of the proposed borough package of insurances with Brown & Brown at a total cost of $160,635 for general liability, property coverage, vehicles, inland marine, contractor’s equipment and police/public official errors and omissions with total cost of $249,976 for the municipal entity insurance package that covers worker’s compensation, the total cost of professional services for administering the borough’s worker’s compensation coverage costing $72,806 and the state worker’s insurance fund coverage for firemen totaling an additional $16,535.

Council also approved an ordinance that authorizes and secures the issuance of a general obligation note not to exceed $675,000, the pension rollover proceeds of Robert Stoudt to a qualified pension plan and acknowledgement of receipt of the 2023 cable TV franchise fees in the amount of $40,653.

Under police, council approved the purchase of a 2023 Ford Interceptor police vehicle and the revised Nazareth Borough Police Department policy and procedure manual.

Mayor Lance E. Colondo reported that for the month of May, the police department had 354 total activity/calls for service, with 29 crimes reported and investigated, 16 criminal arrests, two drug-related crimes, three Part 1 offenses, 104 traffic citations, 98 warnings issued, three reportable accidents and 10 non-reportable accidents.

Additionally, parking enforcement had 233 parking enforcement officer violations and 88 officer-issued violations for 321 total parking tickets issued for the month.

Under law, council approved a revision to the borough’s disabled parking ordinance that permits motorists with a disability placard and motorists with registered disability plates to park in any designated handicapped parking space and a revision to the borough’s ordinance on street closures that permits council to designate an individual with the authority to close streets due to construction, maintenance or special events that require a permit application/approval for street closure.

Next, council approved the environmental steering and lighting motion to proceed with the filing and funding of the remaining necessary expenses associated with the pursuit of the recycling grant for construction of a new recycling center on Gracedale Boulevard with expenses not to exceed $4,000.

Last, under public works, council approved the advertisement of a revision to the borough’s parking ordinance to eliminate the prohibition of parking a vehicle for the purpose of displaying the vehicle for sale, as well as the rejection of the $117,450 bid of Walter Brucker & Company for the police station ballistic protection project from PennBid.

The next Nazareth Borough Council workshop meeting will be held on Thursday, June 27 at 6 p.m. and the next regular monthly meeting will be held on Monday, July 1 at 6 p.m. in Council Chambers. 


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