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by Dr. Clearie

Clearly what we place into our mouth, whether a liquid or food item, has a direct correlation with the health and functioning of our bodies. What we place in our mouth goes through a series of digestive events and at some point absorption into the blood stream is obtained. While we understand this process, have you ever thought about what you place on your skin can be absorbed also and effect your health?

Over the holiday season I saw repeated commercials for upscale perfumes. In one such commercial, a young woman had her neck extended backwards in a provocative pose. Her blouse was open exposing her neck line. In what appeared to be slow motion she held up a fancy bottle and sprayed her throat and neck area with perfume being advertised.

First of all, I cannot see how this type of commercial appeals to anyone. This is, I guess, starting to show that I am aging. The second thought was that this young lady needs a chiropractic adjustment to correct the spinal subluxations she is giving herself. Lastly was the profound realization that this product, this perfume, this….poison, was sprayed right onto her thyroid area.

Clearly we have a rising population of both men and woman who are coming down with thyroid problems directly and auto-immune conditions of the thyroid indirectly. It struck me then that the skin area of the thyroid keeps getting a chronic onslaught of various perfumes that could have an impact of thyroid function. This makes me think twice about my Brut after-shave lotions.

Another instance of our skin absorbing and potentially being effected by what we put on is antiperspirants. One of the ingredients within antiperspirants is typically aluminum. Why in the world would we willingly put this heavy metal into our bodies? Each and every day individuals are applying this “spackle” under their armpits and clogging the pores to stop sweat from being released. While the product is stopping the perspiration, again consider the fact that a metal is chronically seeping into your body. I do not think it is too far-fetched that this can potentially lead to a disease or disorder down the road. Imagine if there is even the slightest correlation between the antiperspirants and Parkinson’s, dementia, or Alzheimer’s. Why would we take the chance?

Another concern is of course make-up, hair products, and lotions. These are readily utilized and we truly give little thought to how our bodies are affected by them. When I was younger I wouldn’t give a second thought if I got grease, diesel, or gasoline on my hands. Nowadays, I am sensitive to just how much our skin will “eat” and how health can be impacted. This is especially true with herbicides and pesticides.

With all this being said, it is challenging to avoid skin contact altogether. The idea is to minimize our body’s burden as best able, especially if you are suffering from multiple chemical sensitivities, mystery illness, or chronic health concerns. In addition, understand that the body’s detox organs, such as the liver, needs to be working normally. In this regard, vegetables, especially green leafy ones, can go a long way on cleaning things out for the better.

Natural Perspectives™ is a health commentary only and does not claim to diagnose and /or make treatment recommendations. Always seek the advice of your health care professional. 


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