dr. clearie

by Dr. Clearie

The earth is waking from its slumber. Can you feel it? Are you aware? Do you even care…

If you have been listening to all the domestic and world news lately you may have become disenchanted with all the political wrangling, moral deterioration, terrorism both home and abroad, and outright lack of respect and courtesy on many levels. It is depressing to say the least. It can seemingly steal our joy. It doesn’t have to.

If we think about such matters with a clear mind we can see that the deplorable situations of this world may be upsetting, may be shocking, despicable, often horrific, downright evil, but it isn’t truly surprising.

When we take a look back through the ages we see a world riddled with strife and struggle, with wars and famines, with heart break and wrong doing. It is the same story line repeated over and over. So it’s not surprising that we are dealing with the same today. It is probably more surprising to us that civilization has actually survived this long. From my natural perspective it is only because of Grace given. That’s a conversation for another time.

With all such matters going on around you, it may be the case that you have lost your peace and contentment. I know many that have. It may be the case that you figure nothing much matters anymore. That’s a sad place to be. Life shouldn’t be that way.

Know that every one of us will suffer adversity and battle scars from this life. Some more than others. It breaks my heart. It breaks yours. But it’s not surprising. Through all of this adversity know that the cherry blossoms will still bloom. The birds will still chirp. Baby bunnies will be born and fawns will plod along besides their mother. Are you seeing it?

A decade or so ago an individual told me the best way for someone to start loving life again is to almost have it taken away. I had my scare and I bet many of you have had yours. That experience and others like it have humbled me beyond words. It also has given me a new opportunity to live life to the fullest.

This spring, I am asking you to start living life again. Shake hands. Smile. Have a grateful heart. Serve others. Expect the best from everyone. Make a decision to be at peace. Why do this, you ask? Well, what happens may surprise you!

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